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We’re Glad You’re Here.

This is the place where we get to introduce ourselves to you. And offer to help you. In today’s world, it’s hard to get people to notice you. There are so many people talking at once, few messages can be heard with clarity. We want to help you be seen and heard by your customers. We do this by utilizing video, audio, and other storytelling tools to bring your ideas to life.

We’re different

We’re creators, not spenders. We’re a creative content agency, not an advertising agency. That means we have no incentive to ask you for bigger and bigger budgets every time we meet. What we care about is helping you create great content. This is what we live for: the moment when you realize that people are seeking you out because they want to see and hear your story. To us, that feels a lot better than pestering you to spend more money every month.

We love what we do

We love telling stories. To see the look on our clients’ faces when we really nail it is the best feeling in the world. That’s why we seek out clients who want to do something different. Everyone can master boring marketing. But creating something that really cuts through the clutter- that’s truly unique. We’re looking for relationships that will last longer than just a project or two. We want to earn your trust and start something that will last for years.

We’re originals

We are a locally grown creative agency that takes pride in developing work that is original and unique with every client. We don’t just plug your footage or words into a template and hope for the best. Your story is 100% unique so every frame of your video and every syllable of your message should be completely original. If you just want to copy what you’ve seen someone else do, we’re not for you. If you want to break new ground, we’re ready.


Jeff Lovett

Founder | Director | Marketing Genius

Jeff specializes in story telling- from business and corporate video to the stories people hear on broadcast stations and while on hold. Jeff can bring your ideas to life and help you build your brand. He blends more than three decades of experience with new technology to create content that will help you attract new prospects and dazzle your loyal customers.

Ethan Lovett

Photographer | Videographer | Drone Pilot

Ethan is our communications and design extraordinaire. He can turn the science behind creating a beautiful and functional website or high-converting video ideas into beautiful ready-to-use content. Ethan excels at working with a wide range of clients on their terms and will work with you to ensure your vision comes to life.


Della Lovett

Business Expert 

Della is our business expert who can help you learn how to manage and streamline your business. With a vast knowledge of management and marketing tools, she can answer your questions about the techniques that will keep your business moving forward. Della is also an experienced voice artist who has worked for hundreds of clients throughout the United States.