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Website Development & Design

Your website is the center of your entire digital marketing strategy. The primary method of telling your story. 

Creating an effective, modern website is more than just taking pleasing photos and picking out the best looking text font. It is more than a pretty template from the catalog of pre-made websites offered online. It tells your story. Your company\’s website should represent what makes your unique business culture and personality – readily available 24/7 to potential customers looking for you online. Our web design approach starts from the ground up, completely tailored and customized to you with one goal in mind: connecting you with your customers. 

With a team of professional web designers, code developers, graphic artists, and visual content creators we are fully prepared to create a stunning modern website that is custom fit to evolve with your business and marketing needs. We believe that quality content is key in today\’s online obsessed culture and you need to be prepared to provide the content your customers want. That is why each of our websites come with a professionally produced \”About Us\” video included at no extra cost. We want to get you started off on the right track with the perfect combo of a stellar website and engaging video.

Your customers are looking for you online. Make sure you\’re there to share your story.  

68% of consumers who conduct local internet searches on their smartphone go to a store within 24 hours and nearly 50% make a purchase within a day.

Using videos on website landing pages will increase conversions by 86%. 

Businesses that show up on the first page of results get 92% of consumer traffic.

*Statistics Taken from

The Summerhill Creative Approach

No two companies are identical. Your business\’ story and history are unique to you. Why not your website? There are no pre-made template sites here. No Wix or SquareSpace simplicity. Each of our sites are built completely 100% and designed specifically for your company\’s unique story and needs. Our team of professionals focus on each of these aspects with every stage of your website\’s creation.

Website Design


We combine the look, feel, and function of your website into one bespoke solution designed to communicate effectively and tell your story. Built with modern web browsers and mobile use in mind first. Each of our sites are 100% mobile & Google friendly.

Website Design


Having a beautifully designed and functional website is just part one. Your potential customers need to find you. We build our websites with SEO and visibility as main priorities. SEO keywords, backlinks, and coding built into each page. Show up higher in Google searches and be found more often.

Website Design

SECURITY and encryption

Each of our websites include all of the necessary security protocols to ensure your privacy and business image the ultimate protection. SSL certificates and encrypted hosting included in each and every site. Don\’t allow your website to be exposed. Make sure you\’re protected.



When South Georgia Ballet approached us about rebuilding their outdated website from the ground up we were extremely excited to be working with such an artistic and inspired client and industry. We were able to take their existing content (plus some of our own professionally produced videos) and transform a lackluster, flat website into a beautiful piece of art. Their website is used frequently to showcase their performances, sell tickets, and organize classes and rehearsal schedules. A perfect example of beauty and function – all in one.



Max Manufacturing, located in Pelham, GA, needed to be able to sell more products online. Their business was growing more nationally and needed to be able to showcase their wide range of productions to everyone across the world 24/7. Their previous website just was not meeting the standards they deserved. 

We built a combo of websites for Max Manufacturing (and Just Ice) from the ground up, 100% custom to their business. Jam-packed with professional photography and really engaging videos this site stands out among all of their competition. When you\’re competing with brands across the entire country, you have to stand out. Max Manufacturing uses their new website to stand out, and above all the rest.



When A Confident Smile (a fantastic all-around dentist provider in Thomasville, GA) approached us about updating their old website they had a very specific outcome in mind. Their business has a special story and a very specific aesthetic that they are known for throughout the area. We knew that we could not create a new modern website without integrating this aerial theme into each aspect of the website.

Travel and aeronautics abound in this one-of-a-kind website. You can easily forget that you\’re signing up for your next dental appointment and mistake this as a travel agency showcase. With our method of building each website from the ground up with Wordpress (no Wix or SquareSpace shortcuts or templates here!), we were able to produce this custom project specifically to their wants and story. 

Ready to Get Started?

Every project is different and requires a custom approach, but nothing is too large or too small. If you are ready to take your business marketing to the next level through video production we would LOVE to sit down and talk about your specific needs. Contact us below and let\’s get started!